Natural Herbs

Nature & Nurture Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is an offshoot of a group of companies working since 1912 in Indian herbal industry. The company is a professionally managed entity. Its main activity is to provide raw herbs, spices, essential oils and other herbal related products in India and abroad.

During its successful journey of nearly ten decades, the group has achieved several milestones. The promoters of the group belong to herbal practitioner family since beginning. With almost a century of experience in herbal raw materials, the parent company is well established and is recognized globally as a reliable source for quality products. The Company offers over 3000 natural herbs out of which over 200 are rare. The availability of the desired quality of these rare herbs is a big issue in itself. The Company is well known for the quality of these specific herbs and has access to sources developed over a long period of time.

M/s M H & Sons, M/s Saamir International and M/s Ayush Vanoushadhi Bhandaar are also the important entities of the group.

Pure Herbal Health Drink And Beverage

Natural Herbal Extracts


Shilajit ExtractGet Quotation

Shilajit Extract

Raw Herbs

Herbal Powders

Herbal ShikakaiGet Quotation

Herbal Shikakai

Shudh Guggule PowderGet Quotation

Shudh Guggule Powder

Shikakai PowderGet Quotation

Shikakai Powder

HeengGet Quotation


Herbal Extracts

Guggul ExtractGet Quotation

Guggul Extract

Ajmoda ExtractGet Quotation

Ajmoda Extract

Nutraceutical Products

Garlic ExtractGet Quotation

Garlic Extract

Garlic Extract (5:1)Get Quotation

Garlic Extract (5:1)

Essential Oils & Oleo Resins

Walnut OilGet Quotation

Walnut Oil

Badam Roghan ShirinGet Quotation

Badam Roghan Shirin

Olive OilGet Quotation

Olive Oil

Mustard OilGet Quotation

Mustard Oil

Kalonji OilGet Quotation

Kalonji Oil

Herbal Teas

Herbal TeasGet Quotation

Herbal Teas

Raw Spices

Green ElaichiGet Quotation

Green Elaichi

Marica Piper NigrumGet Quotation

Marica Piper Nigrum

AsafoetidaGet Quotation


Spices PowdersGet Quotation

Spices Powders

Cinnamon PowderGet Quotation

Cinnamon Powder

Indian Herbs

Hartal WarqiGet Quotation

Hartal Warqi

Coleus RootsGet Quotation

Coleus Roots

Desi Mom (Beeswax)Get Quotation

Desi Mom (Beeswax)

Herb Seeds

Black Cumin SeedGet Quotation

Black Cumin Seed

Kulthi DaalGet Quotation

Kulthi Daal

KuchlaGet Quotation


DevdaracGet Quotation


Natural Gums

Gum AccaciaGet Quotation

Gum Accacia

Herb roots

Herb barks


Natural Extracts

Sand Ginger

Sand GingerGet Quotation

Sand Ginger

Pharma Products

DibecareGet Quotation


Jointsmed CapsuleGet Quotation

Jointsmed Capsule

Nutraceutical ProductGet Quotation

Nutraceutical Product

Herbal Extract

Chawan Parash

Shahi PrashGet Quotation

Shahi Prash

Chawan ParashGet Quotation

Chawan Parash

Dry Fruit

Walnut KernelsGet Quotation

Walnut Kernels

New Items

Twigees Green TeaGet Quotation

Twigees Green Tea

Twigees Masala TeaGet Quotation

Twigees Masala Tea